Bheri Zone,Surkhet District (Birendranagar)

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Birendranagar (Nepali: वीरेन्द्रनगर) is a city in mid western Nepal, located in the Surkhet District of Bheri Zone. This city is located in the famous Surkhet Valley, and is a principal township in the western hills region of Nepal. Birendranagar is so named in honour of His Majesty the late King Birendra who planned and established it.


Historically Birendranagar and the surrounding area of Surkhet were the lands of the Tharu and Local Rajhi, however the region has seen increased migration from the surrounding mountain regions as well as other parts of the country, although unstable political conditions have affected Birendranagar. The population of the city is approximately 55,000. Villagers from smaller surrounding communities migrate here in search of increased security and opportunity.


Birendranagar is the main food supplier of the rural Karnali Zone which is just linked by Karnali highway. Also it is the main shopping destination of the Dailekh Jajrkot Acham nearby hilly district. Also there is a domestic Airport (with the code SKH) east of the city. One can fly from Kathmandu to Birendranagar and from Birendranagar to Jumla, Humla, Kalikot, Dolpa, Mugu and other Hill district from here. Main road connect rest part of the country is Ratna Highway can have bus service to Kathmandu, Pokhara, Bharatpur, Dharan and other meagre destinations from here also service to Nepalgung for crossing border of India is 115 km from Birendranagar and regular bus and private car and taxis are running between Birendranagar and Kohalpur Nepaljung. Newley made Karnali Highway start to connect Birendranagar Kalikot and Jumla in the north and a meager road connect Birendranagar to Tulsipur and Tribhuvannagar of Dang District. Also there is road to Jajarkot from here

Tourist areas

Birendranagar has a very beautiful clock tower, which was made with help from Japan. Bulbul Tal, a park with a small lake and springs, is another major attraction. One can also go rafting in Bheri Babai, Karnali River. Other major towns and villages near Birendranagar are Chinchu and Babiyachour.

Religious areas

Dauit Bajai is the most famous Hindu Temple in Birendranagar and entire Midwestern Region of Nepal, This temple is a local temple.Specially its history is realtive with “RAJI” society’s people. Before in this tample pray only RAJI SOCITIE’S PEOPLE Every day people from near and far comes to pray here for the goodies, this temple aria is national heritage site and the government and municipality trying to making best for the service of the Religious tourist.

Kakre Bihar

Kakre Bihar is the Hindu Buddhist Temple Near from Birendranagar this temple is believed to be built on 12the century made by solid stone with attractive bronze of Hindu gods and Goddess and Buddha, this place is also famous for its natural beauty it is in the mountain people come here for the religious and nature true


Colleges & University

Mid-Western University, Birendranagar

The government of Nepal has formed a team in 07-12-2007 to establish Mid- Western University in Birendranagar this year, this university will be a regional university for the whole Mid-western Development Regions of Nepal, the office of Voice chancellor and the Examination controllers office of Mid-Western University Birendranagar will open soon in Birendranagar. This university will expect to make the change of strategy over the education system of this region.

Birendranagar Multiple campus

This is one of the most important collage in Birendranagar, it is the afflicted campus of Tribhuan university Nepal, and have service of multiple faculties due to the very close from main market this campus is very popular.

Surkhet Multiple campus

Very old campus in Birendranagar also a multiple campus afflicted from Tribhuvan University Nepal.

Community Medicine Campus

This medicine campus has the course of ANM and BN on it but the local residents are trying this campus to be develop as an MBBS Collage.


Birendranagar is the main educational and Health center in West Hilly Region of Nepal vireos collage and Schools are there and 1 Regional Hospital and a district hospital are the meager hospital but other private hospitals and clinics are also running.

Mid-western Regional Hospital Birendranagar Nepal

This newly constructed hospital now running in the capacity of 100 bed but expected to be more than 300 bed soon, this hospital will provide all advance and lab services not only for the people of Birendranagar but for the people of the entire Mid Western Region of Nepal.

The 300-bed hospital will be built in five phases. Some 22 bighas of land has been allocated for the construction of the hospital at ward No.3 Tarigau in Birendranagar. Although plans were made three years ago for the construction, it could not be built for various reasons

District Hospital

Oldest hospital in Birendranagar running with 35 beds and providing medical facilities to the locals. Also there is an American diplomat made Eye care center in the compound District hospital, This Eye care center has 15 bed services with operation room.

Midwestern Region Veterinary Hospital Birendranagar Nepal

This hospital is providing all the treatment to the cattle of the local farmers in the Midwestern region of Nepal.

One eye treatment center and other private hospital and nursing homes are also serving the people of Birendranagar.


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