Lumbini Zone,Gulmi District

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Gulmi District

Gulmi District, a part of Lumbini Zone, is one of the seventy-five districts of Nepal, a landlocked country of South Asia. The district, with Tamghas as its district headquarters, covers an area of 1,149km² and has a population (2001) of 296,654. It is famous for coffee farming. Ruru Holy Place now known as Ridi, a market centre, Holy Place Resunga with its rich Biodiversity & its historic value are some of the attractions of Gulmi District.
The headquarters of Gulmi, Tamghas is a beautiful small town situated at the bottom of two hills Resunga and Arjun. It is a place that has been neglected for it could be one of the best visiting place in Nepal if it was developed.

Towns and villages
Aaglung, Amar Abathok, Amarpur, Apchaur, Arbani, Arje, Arkhale, Arkhawang, Arlangkot, Aslewa, Badagaun, Bajhketeri, Baletaksar, Balithum, Bamgha, Bami, Bastu, Bhanbhane, Bharse, Bhurmung, Birbas, Bisukharka, Chhapahile, Dalamchaur, Darbar Devisthan, Darling, Daungha, Dhamir, Dhurkot Bastu, Dhurkot Bhanbhane, Dhurkot Nayagaun, Dhurkot Rajasthal, Digam, Dirbung, Dohali, Dubichaur, Dusma Rajasthal, Foksing, Gaidakot, Gurukot Rajasthal, Gwadha, Gwadi, Hadahade, Hadinete, Hansara, Harewa, Harmichaur, Harrachaur, Hasara, Hastichaur, Hawangdi, Hunga, Jaisithok, Jayakhani, Johang, Juniya, Juvung, Khadgakot, Kharjyang, Kurgha, Limgha, Malagiri, Murtung, Musikot, Myal Pokhari, Nayagaun, Neta, Palkikot, Paralmi, Paudi Amarahi, Pipaldhara, Purkot Daha, Purtighat, Reemuwa, Rupakot, Ruru, Shantipur, Simichaur, Siseni, Thanpati, Thulo Lumpek, Turang, Wagla , Wamitaksar

Gulmi District
Map of with Gulmi District highlighted
Area 1,149 km²
Population (2001)
• Density 296,654 /km²
Time zone NPT (UTC+5:45)

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Lumbini Zone,Arghakhanchi District Lumbini Zone,Gulmi District(Tamghas)

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